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Now we startet

We as KernTeam are already invested in this area and cooperate here very successfully with the Gentlemens Club and the broker Liteforex.

Take advantage of our competence and experience We will assist you in every way.


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Before we start here 3 basic things

1.Minimum bet here is at least $ 500. Smaller sums go though but do not bring the desired success
2.Registration with the online platform Liteforex
3.Each team member is free to invest here or not!

That together gives a lot of benefits. Especially for many in this field no Have experiences. We employ 2 daytraders who bring the necessary knowledge. Thus, with the help of copy-grading we can make a decent profit.

Risk or opportunity

There is a fundamental risk given in the forex market and stock market to invest.
At the same time, there are also big opportunities

Our advice is::

As always, you pick up a little play money and never the money you pay for need the daily life.

Now and then you need strong nerves and stamina. 

Please take this note seriously and read ours too Disclaimber.

Forex investment with the help of Gentlemens Club

We as a team have been looking for a strong partner for a long time. Again, the motto applies "
Together we are strong". Now after extensive several months of testing we can proudly say:
We are also in the forex area.

We are constantly evolving to get the best out of the team as well to provide appropriate support.

We will continue to monitor the safety of our equipment in the future.


If we come to the result that the risk increases, we will immediately recommend our team members to leave the Forex.
But it remains your risk if you follow the recommendation.

Why trading forex? What is forex?

The questions arise:

Why is Forex such an attractive market for many people?

What is forex trading anyway?

Forex or "Foreign Exchange Market" (short: FX) is the marketplace, on the currencies
are traded worldwide.

The global need of governments, corporations and other market participants (including private traders) to swap currencies This is the main reason why the forex market is the largest, most popular and most liquid financial market in the world.

German stocks or the German index DAX are very popular in German-speaking countries and are in focus - but globally only a small part of the trade volume.

Forex is about "the whole world"!

Why should you trade on the stock exchanges?

It brings decisive advantages. You can more independence over your own Achieve economic future without giving up to be dependent on an employer or other circumstances.

Self-employed doing something for your well-earned pension do or can afford more in the future.

You can work from anywhere and that completely independent of time.


You only need internet and mobile phone, notebook or internet cafe.
And we are your strong partner by your side.

Long or Short, Buy or Sell ....
Trading is always possible nowadays

This is another good point for forex trading: currency pairs can be traded in both directions.

In 1889, the agency had the first edition of a financial newspaper,the Printed "The Wall Street Journal". 1896 was the start of the Dow Jones Index.

But what does this index indicate? Roughly speaking, an index is a weighted average of the stock's (in the case of the Dow Jones) 30 largest US companies. He is often used by the media to indicate how well or less well the economic situation is in the economy USA is. In times of Mr. Dow, however, could only one way to be traded: up - so on rising prices.

There was no possibility to sell / short sell stocks and securities to make a profit. The only thing that you can get away with selling stocks that are losing value was able to limit further losses.

A century later, Forex traders see selling, too termed as one of the best options ever. Forex traders can also make profits when markets fall.

Financial crises do not disturb forex traders. You just click on Sell.

The lever in foreign exchange trading

The lever is another important reason for many traders to participate in forex trading: Some Forex Traders Realize "The Miracle" not at all because they have never traded on another financial market. Had you done that, you would know that e.g. shares Of the brokers and banks are usually always offered without leverage option.

Forex brokers often have maximum leverage to choose from 1: 100 to
1: 1000, depending on the customer category.

So the leverage effect multiplies your profit with a leverage of 500 five hundred times!

But please forget all the euphoria, not that the lever too Your potential losses multiplied. In our example, with a 500th lever, this would also multiply the possible loss trades by a factor of 500.

Such high leverage is of course a good way to attract traders who are unable to make an initial investment of over 25,000 EUR to lift. However, this is only possible due to the high liquidity in the forex market.

A high leverage allows the trader, with small sums of money to trade high volumes and thus benefit significantly from the smallest market movements.

It is important that a high level of leverage does not make trading fundamentally riskier. It is rather the high volume which high leverage makes trading more risky. In the hands of an experienced trader and with risk management, the largest possible leveraged account can make sense.

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In particular, the information provided does not constitute investment advice or investment brokerage. It does not contain a solicitation to buy or sell foreign exchange or other investments. Foreign exchange trading involves considerable risks; a total loss of the capital invested is also possible. Anyone who trades in foreign exchange must familiarize themselves first with the risks. The analysis, information and the service offered are for illustrative purposes only, the use is at your own risk. Past results are no guarantee of future results. The owner assumes no responsibility for any losses on the foreign exchange markets or other markets and investments.


Look at ours Disclaimber  . There you will find important information / risk information

Important risk information please visit this page : Disclaimber.

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