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Installation guide Liteforex and Tools

.1. Registration with Broker Link: https://www.liteforex.com/?uid=715087239
     Please send a mail after registration (MailAdress
     With us you can as a sponsor
ask if questions arise. 

1.1. "Create account"


1.2. Enter your personal data

Select "EUR" as currency, confirm the lower boxes after entering all data and click on "Register". 

2. account verification

Open Menu and click on "My Profile
2.1 Click on Verification


In the next window, enter all the necessary data and upload a copy of the front of the identity card and an invoice (mobile phone, electricity, etc.) showing the address.

Verification is necessary in order to make payouts. If you do not verify, you will not be able to withdraw your deposit including winnings, and you do so at your own risk.

3. Hiring and Depositing

Click on "Metatrader" in the menu & check if an MT4-ECN account is visible as shown in the picture. If it is visible, change the lever to 1:1000 by clicking on "edit". If no account is visible, click on "Account eröffnen" below and create an ECN account:

3.1. Select "Finances" in the menu In the next window, various deposit options are available.
       Select the desired deposit method and follow the instructions.

Note: Please note the minimum deposit of the respective options

4. copy trading

Link: https://my.liteforex.com/de/traders/info?id=733277&uid=283112417














Select the menu via the small arrow öffnen and "Proportional to my credit".


(1) Set volume (min. 500$)
(2) Remove the check mark from "offene Copy orders".
(3) Check whether the copy mode "Proportional is selected "to my credit
(4) Click Copy


5. Create referral link

In addition to CopyTrading, you can earn additional commissions by recommending our service. through the broker LiteForex.

These can lead to a high passive income with a high level of commitment. Proceed as follows:

Click on "Affiliate" in the menu.

Now there are two possibilities:

1. leave the campaign default, which is automatically of type "Rev. share
2. create a new campaign of the type "CPS" via the button (1) "Create new campaign".

Your sponsor should be able to explain the differences between the two campaigns to you, alternatively you can read both in the menu item "Programs" on the left side. The type of campaign you choose is entirely up to you.

Note: A new personal link will be created for each campaign. Once you have decided, simply click on the campaign name of the respective campaign.

In the following window you will see your personal recommendation link for the respective campaign. You can copy and save this link to send it to your prospects.

Note: You can only receive the broker commission if your prospective customer does not yet have an account with LiteForex. If they have already registered in the past, the only way to settle the matter is through LiteForex support.

Once you have given your referral link to your prospective customer, please send him these instructions or invite him directly to the Telegram Info Group so he doesn't have any trouble setting up and you can both benefit.

6. Set up an account on your phone

6.1 Search and install Metatrader 4 in the App-/Play Store
6.2 Open Metatrader 4 App and select "Login to existing account".

6.1 Search and install Metatrader 4 in the App-/Play Store
6.2 Open Metatrader 4 App and select "Login to existing account".

Now you can view all trades under "Trades" & "History", or alternatively download the LiteForex App

Here you can also get this manual as PDF-File

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